Uli - German Shepherd

“Judith captured the essence of the special relationship between Uli and me with her unique style. No photograph has ever been so compelling - so emotional.” ~ Matthew Margolis, TV Host & Author

Pumpkin & Trudge - Cairn Terriers

“A sophisticated witty theatre dog, Pumpkin has more love in her than anyone I’ve ever met...ad Judith’s portrait captured that completely! Her uncanny ability to read and depict personalities is unsurpassed” ~ Jack O’Brien, Director - Tony Award Winner, Hair Spray

Jesse - Golden Retriever

“Jesse wormed his way into my heart and that’s what Judith captured, my incredible Jesse, the people trainer.” ~ Dean Hargrove; Writer, Producer, Hollywood, CA


“Thanks again for the terrific panting of Ensign. As you know, it’s now properly framed and is the centerpiece in our living room.”

-Best Wishes, Dan and Charlotte