Working from photographs of your dog, and in-depth interviews with you and your family members, Judith is able to capture the warm and loving personality of your dog in a stunning, colorful oil painting in a way that no other artist can duplicate.

Choose Your Photos

You may email your photos directly to Judith. A large selection of photos will help Judith better see the true personality of your dog.

Progress Photos

When the painting of your dog is nearing completion, it will be photographed and sent to you for review and approval.

Contact Judith

Commissioning a dog portrait is a process that includes several artist conversations with you regarding the history, relationship, energy and pose of your dog. Feel free to call or email to arrange an appointment for your initial conversation. Yes, it is possible to incorporate several dogs from different photos.

Begin Painting

Painting of your dog portrait begins with receipt of a signed agreement by both Artist and Client and a down payment of 50%.

The Medium

All dog portraits are done in oil on linen.

Time Frame

Completion of your dog portrait is estimated to be within 6 to 8 weeks from the date painting begins.


Upon your approval of the progress photos, your dog portrait will be shipped to you upon receipt of the final commission balance due and shipping and handling costs.

Let’s get Started

Call Judith at 888 518-2424.
Email Judith.