“Thanks again for the terrific panting of Ensign. As you know, it’s now properly framed and is the centerpiece in our living room.”

- Best Wishes, Dan and Charlotte

Dearest Judith: “I want you to know how much the portrait of Buck means to me. You are gifted in getting the connection that these furry angels have with their human parents.

Buck was special because he needed me. He was a sweet, curl-up-in-a-ball-on-the-bed-right-next-to-me kind of dog. What you have captured is the spirit of those earnest eyes and the heart of my dear Aussie. I shall treasure this memorial to him. I am deeply grateful to have met you, to know you and to enjoy this painting of my dear, sweet Buck.”

- Katherine

“Dear Judith: My Wheaton Terrier, Mini, brought me the greatest gifts of joy and unconditional love for over16 years. I have missed her dearly since she left this world a few years ago.

Your painting of Mini now hangs on my bedroom wall, the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing I see in the morning. Not only does the portrait look exactly like he, but you have entirely captured her essence. I actually feel her presence when I gaze into her eyes.

I am in awe of your ability to capture the personality and soul of a person or animal. Whoever has one of your portraits is very lucky. I admire your talent and thank you very much for the gift of Mini, who not only resides in my heart, but now also in my daily life.”

- Fondly, Sharon Klein

“Dear Judith: Words can’t describe how much I love the painting of Beauregard! You certainly captured his sweetness and we will cherish your wonderful work! I’m gathering photos of Magnolia, she can be next!”

- Warmest regards, Debra

“I can’t thank you enough for wonderful painting of my three Irish Setters. Our children grew up with our dogs and the painting means so much to them they are already arguing about who will inherit this beloved family heirloom”.

- Ron and Jan - Minneapolis, MN

“When we first brought Jessie home from the dog trainer, he dutifully slept in my office in the crate. That lasted about one month. Then, he wouldn’t get in his crate unless I put it in the bedroom. In a few weeks, he insisted on sleeping on the floor by my bed. Then one morning, I woke up and there he was, with his head net to mine on the pillow. He wormed his way into my heart and that’s what Judith captured, my incredible Jesse, the people trainer.”

- Dean Hargrove; Writer Producer-Hollywood, CA

“Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait you have captured the heart and essence of my beautiful little dog, billy boy. I was particularly touched to receive the portrait the week I buried him. Now he will live on forever”

- Louise Hay, Author, Publisher, Lecturer

“Judith capture the essence of the special relationship between Ulli, my German shepherd, and me with her unique style. No photograph has ever been so compelling – so emotional”!

- Matthew Margolis, Host of PBS Series, Woof, It’s a dogs Life, Co-Author of “Good Dog”, “When Good Dogs Do Bad Things”, and “Woof”

“A sophisticated witty theatre dog, Pumpkin has more love in her than anyone I’ve ever met…ad Judith’s portrait captured that completely! Her uncanny ability to read and depict personalities is unsurpassed”

- Jack O’Brien, Director - Tony Award Winner, Hair Spray